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Rim sim games are going to give you Motu Patlu games including Motu Patlu Car games and Motu Patlu fighting games as well. You can play this kind of Motu Patlu game free here. They are becoming famous by and by. When we play any of Motu Patlu game then we can easily say that they are made on the concept of famous motu patlu hindi cartoons. It is a product of wow kidz which also represents other cartoons. And they are also available in games that is, shiva games. Apart from these two cartoons, we can also expect latest games in the future. These games can be made on chacha bhatija games and also vir the robot boy games etc.

An Introduction of Motu Patlu Games:

We care about our visitors that is why we are adding these games. The game is made by Nick India which is also famous like these cartoons and games etc. The people who watch the cartoons they will love it. As we know that this is the period of online games. Everyone is playing games online instead of going outside in the ground to enjoy. If you like these cartoons then you can also play motu patlu games online here on our website. We made this website for our sweet visitors in order to provide them motu patlu games for iPhone and PC. Additionally, motu patlu games download is available on Google play store. These cartoons are available in two languages but most of the people watch Motu Patlu in Hindi.

The Sketches of Motu aur Patlu:

Motu Patlu Games

The first episode of these cartoons is made on 2012. The name of the first episode was John Banega Don. Motu and Patlu are close friends in the series. Motu aur Patlu can be seen on YouTube. They are one of the best animation cartoons which are made in India. In fact, Indian cinema is producing a movie that is “Motu Patlu Kings of Kings”. Every user can enjoy motupatlu games free of cost. We will try to set the page according to your device need. We are adding these games one after one. if we miss any of them you can ask us to add them. There are several characters who are playing different roles in the course of the game and cartoons. We will discuss these characters one by one in detail.

The Character of Motu:

Firstly, we will discuss one of the central characters of the game that is, Motu. The name itself shows the meaning of Motu which indicates that he is a fat person. He not only a fat person he is also a foolish person too. Everyone who goes through these cartoons can easily see his foolishness. He is a friendly kind of a character who remains happy and does not mess with anyone. Everyone can easily see dreams but he has a foolish mind. He not only watch dreams but also his dreams are bigger than others. Motu lives in the area of Furfuri Nagar. Motu is fond of samosas because he loves food very much. He always tries to steal samosas from the shop of his local shopkeeper. Motu makes mistakes and creates problems and his friend helps him to get out of it.

Interests of Motu:

He gets his powers from samosa and his actions are foolish which catch him in trouble. He is not a hard worker that is why he always wants to earn money with an easy method. These easy methods which he adopts cause him trouble. He is good from his inner side because he always wants to help others. After eating samosa, he gets similar energy like Chota Bheem and he can beat anyone.

The Character of Patlu:

Secondly, we will discuss the second main character that is Patlu. He is one of the wise and smart persons in the whole city. We can also consider him as an idea guy. As we know that he is a best friend of Motu that is why he also gets into hot water because of Motu. As a friend, he always gives advice to his friend that he should remain on the right track. He does not like samosas but likes to read newspapers. The people were of the view that his father was a boxing champion.

The Character of Chingam:

Inspector Chingam-Motu Patlu Games

After discussing the characters of Motu and Patlu, we come to other characters one by one. Chingam is a police inspector who thinks that he is an expert police officer. He is of the view that no criminal can make an escape from him. He should thank Motu Patlu who are helping him to catch criminals. We can say that he is a new Rajnikanth having a South Indian accent. He has two vehicles to drive which are police jeep and motorbike.

The Character of John, The Don:

John The Don-Motu Patlu Games

As Motu Patlu are the heroes whereas John is a villain. He wants to become a don. So he tries his best to do so but in the end, he goes behind the bars. He also composes poems and he has fear of Motu Patlu instead of an inspector. His height is short like the fat character.

The Character of GhasitaRam:

GhasitaRam-Motu Patlu Games

His character plays an important role in trapping Motu and Patlu in trouble. He has a 20 years experience and is not useful for anyone. Additionally, he is a sweet talker but has a Bengali accent.

The Character of Dr. Jhatka:

Dr Jhatka-Motu Patlu Games

His character deals with science and he is a mad scientist. He has done multiple PHDs but his accent is like a Sardar that is why he is a Punjabi. He is also creating troubles for other people instead of his successful inventions. His inventions are useless for other people. His grandfather is known as a millionaire. He remains in search of guinea pigs which can help him to do new experiments.

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